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Mabel Reid

My name is Mabel Reid. I have 25 years of educational experience of working with special needs children, children who's first language is not English, for example, Deaf/hard of hearing students. I have worked with Deaf/hard of hearing students for 15 of those years. I am currently working with deaf students on the elementary level (Pre-K through 5th graders). My qualifications consist of three bachelor degrees (B.F.A. & B.A.-2), masters degree in Literacy and Reading, degree in Deaf Education, and currently working on my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Technology and Interpreting Program. I teach online with at VIPKID. I enjoy teaching and learning from the students that I teach. I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks in the park, and reading. I hold a clearly renewable Georgia T-5 teaching certificate.

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