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Lucy Lekunze, DM

I originate from Cameroon, in West Africa. I am married and a mother of 2 children. I hold a Masters degree in Biology from Amadu Bello University, Nigeria and a Masters degree in Psychology from Phoenix University, U.S.A. I also hold a Doctor Of Management In Organizational Leadership from Phoenix University. Prior to relocating to the United States in 09, 2004, I worked in various capacities with environmental conservation research organizations (from volunteer research assistant to conservation biologists and Head of biological Department) in World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Mount Cameroon Project, Mount Kupe Forest Project, and the Limbe Botanical and Zoological Garden (LBZG) respectively. In the Limbe Botanical Garden where I served as head of biology department, I was responsible for the design and implementation of bioresearch to generate data of the population densities and distribution of flora and fauna toward a participatory community-based sustainable wildlife management. The project that placed emphasis on local community mobilization, organization, sensitization, and empowerment, partnered with local residents in planning and executing projects for the protection and conservation of wildlife resources and sustainable land use. After relocating to the United States in 2004, I experienced a drastic transition in career engendered by immigration and associated technical circumstances beyond my control. I worked as substitute teacher (assisting at all levels from preschool to high school with the Orange Public schools). Then, I contracted to teach 9th grade biology in Eagle Academy, Newark Public schools. Currently, I am a multilevel environmental science teacher continuing to work for Newark Public schools teaching 9-12th grades at Eagle Academy. As a full-time environmental science teacher at Eagle Academy, I am responsible for preparing and delivering standard-based lesson plans that allow students to understand the relationships and common themes that connect Science, Language Art, Math, and technology, real life problem-solving, and project development. My overall objective as an educator is the use of well-tailored instruction to enable scholars with reading comprehension, analytical, critical-thinking, and problem solving. My long-standing career in research, teaching, and community outreach coupled with some college coursework in leadership and research background in Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory has endowed me with an outstanding leadership personality. I strongly belief that leadership makes a lasting positive impact when it operates as a partnership integrating input from a variety of actors and stakeholders from the community; with the leader playing a supervisory role only. My life philosophy is to sow a viable seed in every life that I touch through positive role modeling, a heightened sense of ethics, trusting in others and giving them a chance, as well as always upholding a restorative mindset.

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