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Louise Underdahl, PhD, MPA, MSLS

I majored in English literature because it was recommended as the optimal foundation for a graduate degree in library science. I continued studies in public administration to prepare for an administrative career. During these years, I benefited from many inspiring professors who took time to serve as my docent and mentor. I wanted to give something back . . . to help others as these professors had helped me. But, after completing the PhD, I realized I needed wisdom and experience before I could teach or help anyone. In 1978, I began working for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as an Instant Person, defined as temporary office support for campus departments. I have enjoyed each and every moment of my time with UCLA, with administrative roles in University Extension, Internal Audit, Electrical Engineering, Business and Finance and UCLA Health Risk Management. To help others develop their talents and find their "calling" has been a lifelong goal and serving University of Phoenix is a dream come true. In my free time, I join my daughter as a volunteer, work with my husband, serve as Vice President for UCLA Eta chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and explore new horizons. The University of Phoenix helps all of us to fulfill Jack London's ambition "to live, not merely exist."

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