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Louis Daily, Ph.D.

After taking an M.A. in Social Science Psychology at West Chester University and Ph.D. in Human Development at Bryn Mawr College, Lou Daily spent a total of over twenty years as an adjunct at Philadelphia area colleges, including Temple University, Camden County Community College, Peirce College, University of Phoenix (Philadelphia Campus and Online), Holy Family University, and others. Courses taught include a wide variety of topics in Psychology and Sociology, and many courses in Research and Statistics (Psychometrics, Business Statistics, Multivariate Statistics). Presently Dr. Daily facilitates courses at the University of Phoenix, Philadelphia Campus and Online, and the School of Advanced Studies, and has been on several dissertation committees as member or Chair. Simultaneous with his teaching, Lou had full time positions with Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services, The Philadelphia Health Department’s Coordinating Office For Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs, and Office of Research and Information Management. These were Program Analyst or Research Analyst Positions, involving mostly monitoring and reporting on grant-funded or government funded programs. He also consults on research and statistical subjects. His bachelor’s degree way back in 1970 was in Economics (La Salle University), where he became intrigued by statistical techniques. He has recently become interested in qualitative techniques such as phenomenology and this is the method being used by one of his SAS mentees. Interests include quality control, anything involving linear regression or econometrics, the problems of emerging economies, consumer psychology, organizational behavior, and other areas. He recently presented his research "The Discrete Emotions Controversy and Relevance To Consumer Behavior" at the Association For Consumer Research - Asian Pacific Conference in Hong Kong.

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