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Lorna Kendrick, PhD, APRN, PMHCNS-BC

My undergraduate degree is in nursing and I worked for many years in the clinical/hospital setting. After earning my Master's degree in Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing I have maintained a private practice while working in academe for 23 years now. I earned my PhD from UCLA at which time my focus was more on research than teaching. Not only do I conduct research, I teach research as well as mental health courses at the graduate and doctoral levels. My original research began by combining Ethnography with Participatory Action Research to look at the perceptions of depression among young men. My research has transitioned from perceptions of depression to a focus on untreated depression as a primary risk factor for early onset cardiovascular disease. Additionally, I am active in the Council on Nursing and Anthropology, Society for Applied Anthropology, the Western Social Science Association (to name a few), and will be conducting research for UOPX’s Center for Health Engineering Research.

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