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Loren Moore

I love research and participate in a lot of pilot studies, analytic studies, and metrics work groups within my role as well. My research focus is behavioral health and how psychiatric disorders affect the caregiver, family members, friends, and co-workers. I love behavioral health and would like to become an advanced practice nurse in psychiatry and psychiatric NP, educator, dean, CNO, Etc. I have so many roles I would like to take on, this is why I love being a registered nurse. My current role is RN Clinical Consultant for a contracte home health practice in the state of TX. I coach, mentor, educate, and considered a subject matter expert within my field. Nursing makes the world rotate and provide the best quality of care for people. My background in nursing consists of resource pool (floating to all floors in the hospital), private duty health, supervisor/preceptor for an adolescent psychiatric facility, supervisor/preceptor for nurses in home health/case management (psychiatric/med-surgical), case management (FCM-field care manager) behavioral health and high severity members.

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School of Advanced Studies