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Liston Bailey, MPA, PhD

My Name is Liston W. Bailey, and I like many of you, have a varied background in the “liberal” arts and in the field of education. I was born in New York City and was raised in a middle class home with a police officer father and a mother who worked additional jobs in retail to help support my budding interests in music. I served on active duty in the Army for 20 years as a soldier. During my career journey in the military I worked in and visited many interesting countries in Europe and the Far East. Over the years I went on to earn graduate degrees in the fields of education and management. My current research interests are related to topics in the areas of learning science, technology, strategic thinking and organizations. I currently teach online, face to face, and blended learning formatted courses for several schools and universities, including UOP and several colleges here in Virginia where I live. I look forward to working with adult learners from different walks of life and gaining greater professional knowledge as a result. My outlook on life and research interests have allowed me to be a facilitator to other lifelong learners who are pursuing graduate and doctoral degrees. Contact Information: I’m online usually 4 – 6 hours each day. Contact me at

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