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Linda A. Landon, PhD, ELS

I have a diverse background in biomedical research, statistics, project management, data handling, grant writing, and communication. Although my doctoral training and early experience is in biomedical laboratory research, I now work in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from education to health policy to business administration. My PhD in Molecular Pharmacology is from the University of Missouri. I hold a Graduate Professional Certificate in Applied Statistics from Kansas State University. I am certified by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences as an Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS). I have several professional certifications ranging from certifications in pharmaceutical regulatory writing and health care quality improvement to certifications in study ethics and technical communication. I have a diverse publication record in subjects including pharmacology, virology, immunology, communications, and statistics. I am a member of professional organizations in statistics, writing, quality improvement, and pharmaceuticals. I own a small statistical and writing consulting business.

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