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Linda Amankwaa, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN

Nursing since 1978, Linda’s career has focused on women’s health within Hospitals, a private Doctors Office, an HMO, private clinics and higher education. She has been a member of American Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau, International, and Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). Twenty years ago, Florida A & M University Tallahassee, Florida Dean of Nursing, Dr. Margaret Lewis inspired her to achieve the Ph.D. in Nursing. Almost 20 years ago, the Dean of Nursing at Florida State University—Dr. Evelyn Singer, invited Linda to participate in a first-ever distance-learning training for FSU nursing faculty. Interested but hesitant at first, this lead to Linda’s love for online learning. In 2002, Dr. Nancy Langston, Dean at Virginia Commonwealth University afforded Linda a grantsmanship opportunity with success . It was under her tutelage, that Linda wrote her first major grant with Dr. Rita Pickler ($250,000). An instrument created from that grant is used in many countries—measuring infant maternal responsiveness. Linda published her first article with her FSU master's faculty member, Dr. Deborah Frank in 1991 and has published with others now for a total of 17 plus publications. One of these publications is a nursing theory—Maternal Role Collapse—A Theory of Postpartum Depression. Linda mentors BSN nurses (who have not passed) to pass the NCLEX at no charge, counsels on nursing research matters, and reviews articles for two journals. She graduate from Santa Fe Community College, ADN; University of Florida-BSN-Nursing, Florida State University-MSN-Nursing; and Georgia State University-Ph.D. in Nursing. Linda has received many awards including Delores Auzenne Scholarship, Federal Nurse Traineeship Award Nursing Excellence Award, Maymi Walker Chandler Scholarship Federal Professional Nurse Traineeship Award Ethnic Minority Fellowship Program Award, Susan Hickman Memorial Research Award, and the University of Phoenix Nursing Research Award.

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