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Libi Shen, Ph.D.

Libi Shen has a Ph.D. in Instruction and Learning from University of Pittsburgh, PA, and an outstanding dissertation award from IRA. She started her college teaching career in 1989. She had been an adjunct assistant professor for Duquesne University, PA, and a full-time associate professor for Chia Nan University in Taiwan before she joined University of Phoenix in 2009. She started to serve as a dissertation chair and committee member in 2010, and has helped more than 50 students graduate. Libi is a contributing author for the following IGI Global books: (1) Educational, Behavioral, Psychological Considerations in Niche Online Communities; (2) Cases on Critical and Qualitative Perspectives in Online Higher Education; (3) Online Tutor 2.0: Methodologies and Case Studies for Successful Learning; (4) Emerging Priorities and Trends in Distance Education: Communication, Pedagogy, and Technology; (5) Identification, Evaluation, and Perceptions of Distance Education Experts; (6) Cybersecurity Breaches and Issues Surrounding Online Threat Protection; (7) Handbook of Research on Human Factors in Contemporary Workforce Development, (8) Psychological, Social, and Cultural Aspects of Internet Addiction, (9) Emerging Trends in Cyber Ethics and Education, (10) Emerging Economic Models for Global Sustainability and Social Development, (11) Diverse Learning Opportunities through Technology-Based Curriculum Design, (12) Applied psycholinguistics and multilingual cognition in human creativity, (13) Multifaceted approach to digital addiction and its treatment, and (14) Revolutionizing Education in the Age of AI and Machine Learning. Her research interests include K-12 education, curriculum design, communication, leadership, online learning, cybersecurity, AI, and instructional technology.

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