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Leo Maganares, Ed.D.

I earned my BS degree in Naval Engineering and I served as Chief Engineer on numerous naval ships. From the beginning of my career, I realized the significance of the human factor and continuous learning for the success of all organizations. Driven by my passion for helping adult learners, I served as volunteer instructor at the Naval Academy. In 1992, I received a scholarship for postgraduate studies in Management-Personnel and Training Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. During my studies at the Naval Postgraduate School, I was inspired by the Total Quality Leadership Theory, and I had the fortune to work with Leslie Kossoff, student of Dr. Edward Deming, founder of the Total Quality Leadership Theory. In 1995, I resigned from the Navy at the rank of Commander, and I started my second career as college instructor and administrator with Heald College, a for-profit college, in Monterey, California. Since 1995, I have contributed to the success of many colleges and universities as Director Academic Affairs, Dean of Education, Department Chair, Cooperative Education Coordinator, Student Retention Coordinator, and Mechanical Engineering Coordinator. In 2007, I earned my doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Change from the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA. The same year I joined the family of the University of Phoenix as faculty on campus and online, lead faculty on campus, area chair on campus, and dissertation chair online. Urgency, cutting edge technology, attention to individual students’ needs, flexibility, openness to change, diversity, commitment to quality and excellence are the main qualities thriving at University of Phoenix and drive my actions for student service. University of Phoenix generously recognized my commitment to student service and leadership with the Faculty of Excellence Award (2008), Faculty Leadership Award (2012), and Nemat Mawardi Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award (2014). My research interest is in Leadership, Human Motivation, Neuroscience, and Entrepreneurship. On another note, I enjoy politics, history, gardening, cooking, traveling, as well as discussions regarding technology and it’s enhancement on education.

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