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Laura Policar, Ed.D.

As full time faculty at UOPX I teach GEN/127 and HUM/115. Previously I've taught graduate and undergraduate education courses at various online and ground colleges, collaborated on graduate curriculum course design and development, and am a practicing visual artist. My dissertation was titled How Interdisciplinary Methodology Improves Motivation, Creativity and Critical Thinking, so I always take all educational disciplines into account, and feel every subject is important to educate holistically. I also firmly believe that creativity is becoming endangered in our schools and we, as teachers, must do our best to encourage and fight for everyone to have the chance to think critically, to dream, to create and to invent. I have taught Art from grades K-12, Adult Education, Alternative HS, served as District Art Coordinator, and worked with a variety of demographics, from overachieving suburban students to 100% high needs inner city schools. I have also had quite a bit of experience with Special Education and ELL students. My background is in visual art, and a picture can speak a thousand words in any language!

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