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Kendall Zoller, Ed.D.

Kendall Zoller (Ed.D.) is an author, researcher, educator, and speaker. He co-authored The Choreography of Presenting (Corwin-Press, 2010) and has over a dozen peer reviewed articles and chapters on education and leadership. He was a guest author in Bob Garmston’s Presenter’s Fieldguide. As president of Sierra Training Associates, Inc., he provides seminars and keynotes on communicative intelligence, adaptive leadership, and facilitation/presentation skills to schools, districts, universities, state agencies, and corporations across the United States and internationally. He is a curriculum designer, trainer, and presenter for law enforcement training thought the California Peace Officers Standards. His international research focuses on identifying nonverbal patterns in the learning environment and their influences on thinking, memory, and learning. He introduced Nonverbal Communicative Intelligence (2007) and Communicative Intelligence (2014). His extensive experience includes training corporate executive level, sales teams, senior managers, university faculty and staff, law enforcement leaders, administrators, and teachers. He is a Cohort I Fellow and mentor to the National Academy for Science and Mathematics Education Leadership.

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