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Kelley Conrad, Ph.D.

For over twenty-five years I was a partner in practice as a business psychologist in Milwaukee, WI. For most of the years I worked there we were the largest single private office of IO psychologists and ranked among the top 100 consulting firms in the country. After I retired, we moved to Naples, Florida where we lived for five years. While in Naples, I was President of the Naples Free Net, a free internet service provider staffed by volunteers. Then we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado for five years because of our love of the mountains, then, back to Delafield, Wisconsin, a western suburb of Milwaukee. Most of my work as a consultant has been in assessing managers, leader coaching, and management development. I have also done survey work and strategic planning. My BS in Behavioral Science is from Montana State University; my MA in Experimental Psychology is from the State University of New York College of Arts and Sciences in Geneseo; and my Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology is from Iowa State University. I am co-author of two books: The Handbook of Psychological Assessment in Business, and Current Perspectives in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I wrote two chapters in Dissertation and Research Success published in 2013 and edited a chapter in Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace: Aligning Initiatives with Strategic Business Goals in press for 2017 release. Eight of my papers have been published in professional journals and I have presented 32 papers at professional conferences. I am a fellow of the Wisconsin Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, a long-time member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists. I have also completed many projects for various organizations as a consultant, am a licensed Psychologist in Wisconsin, certified by the Association of State and Provincial Licensing Boards, and past president of the National Psychological Consultants to Management. I am also a member of two academic honoraries, Psi Chi and Sigma Xi. My wife Barbara, and I have been married 40 years. Recently, we relocated to Delafield, WI. While we do not have any children, we do have 5 nephews and a niece. Our favorite activities are hiking, biking, Jeeping, camping, and sailing. Barbara is a skilled amateur organist. For 12 years we were on the committee for the Home Organ Festival (HOF) in Pacific Grove, CA being co-directors of the festival for several years. HOF was a week-long series of concerts and workshops that attracted most organ manufacturers and about 1000 players every year. When that festival closed in 2001, we were invited to serve as the co-presidents of Lowrey Organ Company’s Home Organ Holiday, a festival modeled after HOF. We served in that role for 10 years. Personally, I also enjoy research in areas of applied psychology, working with computers, reading, music, and writing. I have taught part-time since I was an undergraduate college student and over the years have taught for 14 different colleges.

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