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Karine Clay, PhD

My name is Karine R. Clay PhD and I am a proud educator and life long learner originally from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and now a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. My learning journey includes a PhD in Education (Educational Psychology), a Master of Arts degree in Education (Multicultural Education and Teaching), Master of Science degree in Health Service Administration and a master of Liberal Arts (International Relations). This foundation has provided me with unique insights into cultural diversity and learning styles within education. I have taught in both the online, blended and traditional learning environments serving both undergraduate and graduate studies of various disciplines. With this important knowledge I have recognized that serving today’s youth is a very delicate blend of knowledge and love with recognition of individuality and acceptance of diversity. My humanistic philosophy approach in education supports my need to promote a wider sphere of influence by addressing diversity concerns in education and achieving accessible and quality education for all students through research and practice. I plan to begin the steps to accomplish this goal by examining the impact of instructional strategies, school cultures and curriculum on the attachment, ecology and neuroplasticity of all learners.

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