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Julio C. de Carvalho, Ed.D

In addition to his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, Dr. Carvalho holds (a) a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in School Administration, (b) a Master of Education with Integrated Studies & Management Concentration, (c) a Specialized Graduate Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, (d) a Specialized Graduate Certificate in Diversity, and (e) Bachelor degree with Foreign Languages Concentration. Dr. Carvalho also attended General Law program (virtual program w/short residency) with Lille 2, University, Lille, France and the Master of Arts in Diplomacy (virtual program w/short residency) with Norwich University, Vermont, USA. Currently, he works as a world languages educator at Lowell High School, Lowell, Massachusetts. He also teaches doctoral dissertations for the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies (online campus), in addition to his position at Cambridge College, Cambridge Massachusetts, as an adjunct graduate faculty in the School of Management and the School of Education. Dr. Carvalho is an accomplished scholar with many publications to his credit. In 2005, he was elected the CEO of The Pan African University project, which owed its founding and early formation to a Working African Group. The Pan African University project intended to be the preeminent public research and teaching university linking education with economic development and the people of Pan-African countries to their countries and the world. Furthermore, Dr. Carvalho is an Education fellow at the West Africa Institute (WAI), which was created to promote innovative research and knowledge-based decision-making in the area of regional integration in West Africa, a founding member of the Cape Verdean Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and a founding member of the West Africa Think Tank, headquartered in Dakar, Senegal.

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