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Julia Bao, Ph.D

I have been Senior Manager at American Express since 2001 and currently responsible for Global Merchant Big Data Analytics Platform. In addition to this full time role, I have two side jobs: First, I have been online faculty in UOPX since 2009 as doctoral dissertation chair for School of Advanced Studies. Second, I taught Macroeconomics and Microeconomics in evening classes in Estrella Mountain Community College as adjunct faculty in Economic Department from 2009 to 2014. Meanwhile, I myself is a researcher too, just like my doctoral candidate students. My core research areas focus on quantitative method with statistical approaches, Mixed Method, Qualitative method within Phenomenological and Case Studies. In the past six years, five students I chaired graduated with doctoral degrees, which have advanced their careers and led to promotions in some cases. I am very proud of them and truly happy that I was part of their dissertation journey. Currently I chair 9 doctoral students and serve in committee for 7 students.

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