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Johnny Morris, Ph.D.

After retirement as a US Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, I spent many years in the public corporate world as an Executive Director of Operations. I have extensive career experience as a senior executive manager in public holding companies. My background includes director of operations, director of strategic planning, and director of community reinvestment activities for federally chartered bank organizations. I have published peer reviewed articles, compiled and edited publications in the fields of e-commerce, entrepreneurship, leadership, management information technology, marketing, operations management, sales, and teams. I present at international juried conferences and frequently conduct seminars nationally in graduate studies and research. I currently serve as adjunct professor in Ph.D. and MBA graduate studies at accredited universities. I am a proponent of values-based leadership in business operations and apply these techniques in a variety of service areas including corporate consulting of e-business, entrepreneurship, leadership and strategy. I earned a Ph.D. from Capella University and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University in addition to graduating from the Florida School of Banking, with a Commercial Banking Certificate at University of Florida. My current research interests include integration of values-based leadership skills, values, and concepts in a global e-business environment through application of servant leadership and virtual teaming concepts and processes.

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