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Johnnie Mckinley, MA ABS, EdD.

Dr. Johnnie McKinley travels the United States as a presenter and consultant to scores of professionals in public and private entities. Over 12 years, she has provided project development and fiscal planning services and submitted funding applications and contract bids for over $68,000,000.00 for school districts and for-profit and nonprofit businesses. McKinley earned her Ed.D. in educational leadership with a cognate in business administration from Seattle University. She has served as an adjunct professor in educational psychology in the College of Education at the University of Washington in Seattle for a number of years. Johnnie has more than 30 years experience in organizational development, educator professional development, research on closing black-white achievement gaps, consulting on bias and fairness in assessments, and program marketing and evaluation. McKinley’s research with 55 Seattle educators who successfully closed Black-White achievement gaps has been presented at over 90 national and international conferences, was nominated for the 2005 American Educational Research Association and National Staff Development Council Dissertation awards, and has been compiled in a definitive 52-week planning guidebook, Planning for Effective & Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning. In her new book, Raising Black Students’ Achievement through Culturally Responsive Teaching, she uses this remarkable group of educators' own words and illustrative "virtual walkthroughs" of lessons to examine how they harnessed the power of culturally responsive teaching to close achievement gaps and help black students to become engaged, self-confident, and successful learners. Her current research interest is the influence of race and gender diversity in the workplace.

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