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John Johnson, PhD

Holding a Ph.D. In Intercultural Education (from Biola University, CA), Dr. Johnson has worked in international environment for over 10 years and taught in higher education for over 16 years. He did his dissertation research on cultural change in educational leadership in Ukraine. Dr. Johnson has an extensive teaching experience with over 300 university courses, including more than 200 taught entirely on-line. His successful track record of instructions to students includes such areas as Organizational Development, International Business, HRM, International Management, and English/Communications. His international teaching experience includes such countries as USA, Ukraine, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Lithuania, Switzerland, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia etc. Apart from teaching as an Adjunct Faculty, Dr. Johnson also chairs dissertations and supervises students completing Master’s degrees. By the end of year 2014, 20 doctors graduated under his supervision; one of them – Dr. David Duran – received the Quantitative Dissertation of the Year award at the University of Phoenix (2012). Dr. Johnson also mentors and evaluates adjunct faculty in course development and teaching; participated in evaluation and recruitment of over 800 Faculty Candidates across U.S.A. Since 2009 he serves as a Peer Reviewer on the Higher Learning Commission, assisting it in its accreditation processes, sharing his knowledge of and direct experience with higher education and dedication to educational excellence. Dr. Johnson has been recognized and awarded Honorary Doctorate by Leonid Kravchuk, former President of Ukraine in conjunction with Dragomanov National Pedagogical University. In addition to his successful academic career, Dr. Johnson is also Co-founder of three companies and Senior Partner/Director of Business Development at Precedent Academics, an Indianapolis based company which services Universities, publishes textbooks and supplements with a focus on Adult Learners. Dr. Johnson developed 4 courses, is the co-author of 7 books including The Old Paths or A New Way: Perspectives on the Conservative Holiness Movement (2014); Perspectives on the History of the United States (2012); The Recruiting and Acculturation of Adjunct Faculty (2011); Perspectives on International Business: A Collection of Readings. (2nd ed.) (2011); Understanding Global Business: A Collection of Readings (2005); Leading Organizations Through Change: A Collection of Reading (2004); Global Issues and Change, a supplemental text for Associate and Bachelor business students in Global Business courses (2004). He also wrote numerous peer/non-peer reviewed articles on Management and Leadership. Dr. Johnson is actively engaged in research work. In 2018 he received grant from the University of Phoenix for the National Study of women entrepreneurship in Mexico for the period of May 2018 - April 2019. This research project is developed based on another quantitative study which was conducted during the period of November 2017 - October 2018 and included surveying of 1000 women who are entrepreneurs in Guadalajara, Mexico. The topic of women entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe has been of great interest for Dr Johnson. His first research projects in this field were conducted in 2013-2015. Dr Johnson received grant from the University of Phoenix for quantitative study (2014-2015). The purpose of this research was to identify common barriers that female entrepreneurs face in Ukraine and develop guidelines to help overcome those barriers. Research included survey interviews of female entrepreneurs from 24 regions of Ukraine. The results of his research on Entrepreneurship for Women in Ukraine, conducted in 2012-2013 (grant from Walden University), can be found at

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