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John DeNigris, PhD.

I have resided in Orlando Florida for the past 25 years. From the age of five, however, I lived in many places both domestic and foreign and had the good luck of experiencing cultures that have enriched my life and broadened my perspectives. In 1973, shortly after graduating from Indiana University, I obtained an entry-level management position with CBS. During my 18-year tenure with CBS, lifelong learning became an imperative. Under the guidance and mentoring of several corporate executives, I rose to the level of Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Branch Distribution. My professional advancement had now placed me strategically at the gate of new opportunities and new challenges. Under the auspices of the CBS Education Department and its alliance with the New York Institute of Technology, I was educated in computer-based training, facilitation and coaching paradigms. In 1984, I chose to leave CBS and my management of over 300 personnel and work independently as a contract trainer. My intent was to leverage the network I had established as an executive, and explore the domain of Entrepreneurship. It was this decision that eventually led me to Florida. Florida's rapid growth in film and entertainment production provided me with significant consulting opportunities. Additionally, it cemented my desire to learn new technologies that were absent from my prior education and experience. By 1996 I had gained six years of experience in teaching and facilitation and also obtained an earned Doctorate in Management from Walden University. Today, I have the privilege of being an adjunct professor at several prominent engineering universities and a partner in Strong & Associates, a technology driven solution provider for organizational training and development. In my current career, I manage executive accounts and a staff of 24 people. In my continuing role as a scholar-practitioner, I have published eight journal articles and I am in the process of completing my third commercial book on E-learning and core value disciplines. In retrospect, I consider the advent of every teaching experience as an opportunity to assist each student toward achieving his or her goals. Dr. John DeNigris III University of Phoenix Online Faculty DBA Area Chair Academic Council Global Council Master Mentor Journal of Leadership Studies Reviewer SME & Curriculum Developer

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