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Joel Wagoner, P.E., MA Ed., PhD

My name is Joel Wagoner. I live in northern New Jersey. I have been teaching high school physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses for 25 years. I also moderate a group of students interested in amateur radio and competitive robotics. I have always been involved in developing new programs, one of which achieved national recognition. The program integrated the Math and Science curricula, and added a Technology component. I developed the Technology component where students used the Math and Science with hands-on projects. For 15 years prior to teaching, I was an engineer doing various shore and marine projects, across the US, northern Europe, and the Islands. Projects included air/water pollution control systems, and nuclear waste storage to hospital and high-rise construction. I am also active in town and county Emergency Management, focused on training first responders in effective radio communications during an emergency. I completed a master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2011 and PhD/HEA in 2018. I am a lifelong learner. My area of interest is identifying study skills and other activities that support successful completion of college STEM core courses. Certain study skills and activities applied during freshmen core courses appear to make a difference in whether a freshman student persists in a STEM degree program. About 15% of freshmen in STEM programs typically switch to non-STEM programs or drop out. I am married with two grown children. Good Luck to everyone.

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School of Advanced Studies