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Jesse Arnett

Greetings and Salutations My name is Jesse Arnett. I live in Garrettsville, Ohio. If you do not know where that is, it is about 30 minutes north of Kent State University which is where I received my Masters in Manufacturing Technologies. I work for Graftech International as a Quality Engineer located in Lakewood which is a west suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Graftech is an offshoot of what used to be Union Carbide. Our plant in Lakewood just turned 125 years old in 2011. We manufacture natural and synthetic graphite products for the electronics market, automotive and other industries. I graduated high school in 1986 from Conneaut Lake High School which is just west of Meadville, Pennsylvania where I was born in 1968. After high school I joined the Air Force where I was a jet engine mechanic on the A-10 stationed at Davis and Mothan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. After the Air Force I worked myself thru college at Slipper Rock University and graduated in 1995 with a bachelor of science in Applied Science. After completing my bachelors I meant my wife and went to work for my father in-law as a tool and die apprentice in Detroit, Michigan. I worked at this forging die shop for a year and a half I accepted a position as Production Manager for Focus Hope’s Detroit Diesel plant. My father in-law passed a year later and myself and my wife moved back to Pennsylvania where I worked construction for 2 years. At this juncture I accepted the position as an instructor at ITT Technical Institute in Strongsville Ohio. I worked there for 6 months before being promoted to Education Supervisor where I set up the computer lab and launched the CADD program. In 1998 I answered and ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for a temporary production supervisor for Chrysler Twinsburg Stamping. Out of 50 candidates I was the only one hired and it was a year before I was accepted as a permanent employee. It was not long until the Quality Manager recognized that I had a protect the customer attitude and a keen awareness of how the quality system in the plant functioned. He promoted me to first a Quality Supervisor and then the Quality Engineering Supervisor. It was during this tour in quality that I completed my Masters degree in Manufacturing Technologies in 2005. I wrote my thesis on a topic of Black Belts in manufacturing. I stayed with Chrysler until 2008 when I took a Salary buy out as I anticipate the Plant shut down which occurred in 2010. Leaving Chrysler I took a position with Schneller manufacturing in Kent, Ohio as the Lead Production Supervisor. I stayed with Schneller until 2011 when I left to Graftech International where I am now employed. I have now continued my educational journey by being accepted to University of Phoenix into the PHD program of Organizational Management. I am a Sci Fi and computer geek. I love Star Trek and Star Wars and avidly watch the Sci Fi and History channels. My hobbies include cycling and personal fitness. My wife’s occupation is a Dog Breeder. We breed Labradoodles and you can see a photo of me and my family at

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Journal of Leadership Studies-Symposium Piece-Relational Leadership: Perspectives of Key Constructs on Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Equity in Higher Education

Psychology Today
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American Psychological Association Conference-Utilizing Clinical Hypnotherapeutic Intervention with CBT to Treat Pandemic-Aug. 13-2021 Symptomology

ILA Conference Geneva Switzerland 2021
Presenter -Topic-"The Stress Arc in Leadership and 3 Powerful Disciplines for Mitigating Major Stress Impacts in a New Era"-Upcoming
Presenter -Topic-“Improving Higher Education’s Role in Diversity and Social Equity through Relational Leadership in the New Era”-Upcoming
Presenter-Topic-"Healthcare Leadership-Using Virtuous Leadership in Chaos to Reimagine Beneficial Practices of Employee Cognitive Psychology"-Upcoming
2021-Knowledge Without Boundaries National Summit-College of Doctoral Studies Research Conference-University of Phoenix-Panel Discussion-"Exploring Emergent Trends in Leadership and Education"-Based on published symposia article from the Journal of Leadership Studies-


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