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Jennifer Jordan Hamson-Utley, PhD, ATC, LAT

Jordan is an Associate Professor and Program Director of Master's of Health Science in Athletic Training at the University of St. Augustine (Austin, Texas, San Marcos, California, St. Augustine, Florida), where she continues her research on the use of psychosocial strategies to augment the injury rehabilitation process. Dr. Hamson-Utley is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) who gained her PhD in Experimental Psychology where she implemented various cognitive interventions with athletes rehabilitating from sport-injury. She has worked with athletes from all levels, including the United States men’s and women’s soccer teams and Olympic athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and the Pan Am Games in Santo Domingo (2003). She is currently a School for Advanced Studies Dissertation Chair who is accepting current students. Her current areas of research are educational pedagogies surrounding use of cutting-edge technologies and the use of technologies in care of athletes post-injury.

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