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Jennifer Calito, EdD, MEd, MLIS, BIT

I have 20 years experience as a trainer in various industries including: retail, healthcare, banking, and education. Before I entered into teaching, I recognized the importance and influence that technology would have on education. As such, the concentration of my first masters degree is in instructional technology. The focus of studies revolved around technology integration in all aspects of education and training from pre-school through adult education, and in corporate settings. I was able to immediately apply the acquired skills and become proficient in communication with adults on how to use technology in corporate settings. In my classroom teaching experience, I have implemented laptops in an inner city school to enhance instruction. I also assisted other teachers in finding ways to integrate technology into their current lesson plans to provide a rich learning experience for students and teachers. At a second inner city school I was employed at, I was hired to implement a blended learning model. After a successful first year, I was placed as an elementary team-leader, continued to grow the blended learning model with other elementary teachers, while simultaneously teaching. As a team lead, I worked as a curriculum coordinator, developing a curriculum life-cycle process for the school with check-points for review, teacher buy-in, and board approval. It is with these experiences, I have developed strong passions for continuing to add value to the classroom to data-based research implementations, teacher mentorship and training, and adding to the body of knowledge with new research projects.

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