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Jelena Vucetic

Dr. Jelena Vucetic has been a leader in the telecommunications and computer industry for more than twenty years, including engineering, strategic planning, intellectual property management, marketing, sales, operations and manufacturing. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering, a Master's in Business Administration, Master's in Computer Science, and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. She is the author of the book “Becoming a Successful Techpreneur”, numerous professional articles and four patents in the area of wireless telecommunications. She has also been a contributor to wireless protocol standards committees. Dr. Vucetic is the founder of Alpha Mission, a business and technology management consulting firm in Washington, D.C. area, whose focus is primarily in the telecommunications and high-tech industry. Before Alpha Mission, Dr. Vucetic founded a startup company providing equipment and software for the wireless telecommunications market. The company was acquired by its large, publicly traded customer in 2003. Dr. Vucetic also lectures at graduate business and technology programs at several international distance learning universities, and mentors Ph.D. and MBA candidates. So far, more than fourty candidates earned their Ph.D. degrees under Dr. Vucetic's mentorship.

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