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Irena Bagdady, DM

My name is Irena and I graduated with a Doctorate of Management of Organizational Leadership (D.M.) in July 31, 2019 from University of Phoenix, SAS. I reside in Chicago, IL. I am searching for an adjunct faculty position in upper level global business. Global business ethics is my concentration with emphasis on the interdependence of two parties in the United States and how responses to questions affect management strategy development and excessive profiteering. The jewelry industry remains my passion under global business ethics scrutiny. Researchers can easily apply my instrument to sensitivities experienced by other industries and countries needing help from the United States. An example of the medical industry sensitivity are dental or other body part implants, and my instrument is usable and analyzable from what leaders had to say using my instrument and radial kite with marker models. My post-doctoral D.M. degree analyzed transcribed respondent responses from nationals and foreign nationals (jewelry industry ambassadors, officials and CEOs) as leaders using the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership (SPL model). As diamond high council and a global socio-economist, I emphasize ecological validity and use perceptions and experiences of what leaders have to say to improve international agency certifications, standardizations and policies. Specifically, I emphasize a Management By Sensitivities (MBS) and Eminent Research Agenda (ERA) that heightened the need for recognizing familiarity and colonization aspects, using ecology to make decisions. I coined four terms "specialized generic alternative management", "big data oversaturation U.S. stabilization" “vocational displacement”, "taxonomic funneling" using a naturalistic environment system. "Big data oversaturation US stabilization" refers to the interdependence of United States private and public agencies for decision-making that is stifled by Third World countries. My Management of Public Service thesis from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. is “Factors Affecting Airline Safety: A Perspective of the Chicago Skies” digitized in 2003, published in ProQuest. A portion of my doctoral thesis included an interview with CEO Robert Crandall of American Airlines. Congestion was determined to be the major source of Chicago urban airline problems and is applicable today to other forms of transportation. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois in 1982. My concentration was in Independent Plan of Studies (IPS) in International Business and French. A French language minor qualified me for the position of an international flight attendant with American Airlines. I flew the French speaking routes as a translator including Paris, France most frequently, Brussels, Belgium and Geneva, Switzerland. I also was a flight service instructor/facilitator/moderator for fifteen years. I facilitated leadership and motivational seminars to flight attendants and ground personnel for American Airlines; two of these classes included Premier Service Skills Training (PSST), Recurrent Ditching Training (RDT's), Overwater Raft Deployment training classes @ O’Hare Airport in Chicago, IL. Also, I obtained a technical degree of “Graduate Gemologist” from the trade school called the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Institute, correspondence in 1989. I am a seasoned diamond and colored stone appraiser, gem identifier. I worked with my passion jewelry industry along with flying internationally for years. My most recent Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences publication was on July 23, 2020 and is entitled "Vocational Displacement And Specialized Generic Management With Alternatives". My early publications include three in the February and March issues, 2014 and March of 2016, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness awarding me early conferencing privileges for North American Management Society (NAMS) in Chicago, IL. I am an invited delegate to present oral and e-poster for the 36th International Geological Congress (36IGC) in New Dehli, India that was postponed to August, 2021 COVID-19. With my post-doctoral D. M. degree, I aspire to be a professor as business faculty or an analyst for jewelry industry. My competencies include writing and teaching business faculty syllabi/curriculums for upper classmen or writing corporate training manuals or handbooks for jewelry industry enthusiasts in varying agencies. I play tennis weekly for the past 30 years on a women’s teams. I enjoy world travel. My dream is to go continue conferencing around the world and go to South Africa. I am of Lithuanian heritage (dual citizen US/Lithuania) speak, read, and write Lithuanian language, along with speaking French fluently.

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