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Ilse Silva-Krott, Ph.D.

My name is Ilse Silva-Krott and I am looking forward to work with you toward completion of the graduate program. I was born and raised in Europe and came to the United States to attend graduate school. My first graduate degree is in Pathobiology and I studied a tropical tape worm. To fulfill my lifelong dream of doing research I pursued a doctoral degree in Comparative and Experimental Medicine at the University of Tennessee. I studied a viral disease and spent long hours in the laboratory with molecular biology. It was very exciting to be on the forefront of science! Since then I have been involved in academic teaching, administration and research. Field research included survey studies, and experimental studies in entomology, avian disease and infectious disease. My teaching is mostly online, in the life sciences, undergraduate programs, and my research focus is the Science of Teaching and Learning, applied to online laboratory science courses. I am interested in active learning and the role of faculty on student progress through active learning in online discussion and collaborative assignments.

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