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Humberto Mariotti, M.D.

Humberto Mariotti, M.D., born in Brazil, began his career as a doctor and psychotherapist. In the 1970s, while in the United States, he first came into contact with the area of knowledge called complexity science that would be consolidated in the next decade. In 1994 he created the first Centre for Studies in Complexity Theory in Brazil, in order to deepen and spread this knowledge. Since 2006 the Center for Studies in Complexity Theory is fully integrated to BSP Business School São Paulo. In the early 2000s, along with his partner Cristina Zauhy, he created the M & Z Complexity Thinking, a Center for the Study of applications of the theory of complexity, which had ever since been joined by an increasing number of researchers. Their programs of Education and Consulting aims to help organizations identify and develop their strategic knowledge management based on the methods and techniques of complexity thinking. Humberto is a world reference in his area of research, and also the pioneer in Brazil in creating the discipline Complexity Management for MBA courses. He is currently coordinating this discipline in BSP Business School São Paulo. In addition to activities as a professor, researcher and author, he has traveled throughout Brazil and abroad, having been invited to be a keynote speaker in various international conferences, always disseminating the principles and applications of Complex Theory. He has an extensive production of books, articles and essays on Complexity and related subjects, such as Integrative and Design Thinking.

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