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Development manager with experience in Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation of software solutions globally. Excellent experience in managing and developing resources and their technical skills. I am most proud of my record of teaching at University of Phoenix, International Paper, and Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Colleges. Courses Taught: QNT/561 - Applied Business Research & Statistics, BSA/310 -Business Systems, CIS/207 - Information Systems Fundamentals, CMGT/445 -Application Implementation, QNT/351 – Quantitative Analysis for Business, RES/351 - Business Research, BIS/221 – Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems, POS/355 - Introduction to operating systems, MKT/441 – Marketing Research, CMGT/445 - Application Implementation, CMGT/410 – Project Planning and Implementation, BSA/375 – Fundamentals of Business Systems Development, BSA/385 – Intro to Software Engineering, BSA/411 - Systems Analysis Methodologies, and BSA/412 – Systems Analysis Tools.

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College of Information Systems & Technology