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Guy E. White, EdD

School of Advanced Studies / College of Education / College of Humanities and Social Sciences. "Dr. Guy" is a full-time high school teacher, author and researcher. He helps educators become their greatest selves so they can help others do the same. His research interests include School Leadership, School Culture, Entrepreneurship, Integral Studies, and Anything Weird. Dr. Guy's mission is to give every school in the world an educator living as his or her greatest self. He says, "Our students and families do not need better teachers and schools next week or next year: they need the best 'you' today." He has taught thousands of students and educators how to become their greatest selves so that they can help others do the same. In 2016, he authored "Building the World's Greatest High School Student Leader," following his successful publication of "Building the World’s Greatest High School" and "Building the World’s Greatest High School Workbook." Thousands of students and educators have read these books. If you walked into his high school classroom, you’d see lots of organized chaos, many smiling faces (most days of the year), and LOTS of connection and conversation. Dr. Guy currently partnering in research projects related to the areas of interest mentioned above, especially those involving Integral Studies. If you would like to work together, please do not hesitate to contact him.

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