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Gretchen Lain

My name is Gretchen Lain. I am partaking in this academic blog from the mitten of the US, aka, Michigan. Throughout my years of professional experience, I have worked in a variety of professions that have provided me with a full range of organizational experiences from corporate to government. Some of these occupational experiences include retail sales, executive management, estate management, nanny, traumatic brain injury consultant, human resources, golf course management, state disability assistance, and children’s protective services investigator. I have a complex educational history but once I learned about the I-O psychology program, I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. People who know me describe me as a good listener, a helper, likeable, optimistic, focused, compassionate, composed, analytical, and realistic. I believe character is defined by how I respond to situations; therefore, I present my character through my actions not my words. I cannot give you an exact quote, philosophy, or passion that drives my life. Instead, I can tell you that I instill passion in everything I do and push myself to be well rounded in all aspects of life. If I am unsuccessful in something, I pick myself up, and try again. I believe people cannot appreciate success without understanding disappointment and failure. Personally, I am happily married for two years and have two beautiful Labrador retrievers who are my current children. I am one of five children and was raised very blue collar. In what spare time I have I enjoy playing volleyball, boating, camping, golfing, exercising, spending time with family/friends, and really anything outdoors when it is warm. Pleased to meet you, Gretchen

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