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Giselle Castillo, BSBM, MBA, PhD

Dr. Giselle Castillo is a Federal Immigration Services Officer (ISO) with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Los Angeles Field Operations Directorate (FOD) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Dr. / Ofc. Castillo supports the adjudication process by providing external and internal customer support and overall support to the immigration benefits process. She is also a former AT&T service professional with 18 years' experience providing skillful telecommunication, customer service, leadership, and management expertise in diverse business settings. From an early age her true passion was to pursue Federal Law Enforcement (LE); however, as you might guess the competition was/ is fierce for female Officers and furthermore having had no background in LE made it even more so challenging. This is when she made the decision to pursue her education, as rumors of a Corporate downsize began at AT&T (Formerly SBC, Pacific Bell) in 2001, she decided to attend the University of Phoenix (UOP) to pursue her education; hoping to acquire her life-long LE dream. Dr. Castillo received a B.S. in Business Management and an M.B.A from UOP and was awarded a PhD in Organization and Management from Capella University for her studies in Emotional Intelligence (EI). When asked, she will reiterate the importance of education and perseverance. It took 13 years, 165 applications throughout all Federal Agencies, and 17 to USCIS alone; the hard work, commitment, dedication, and desire to serve came to fruition and at the prime and young age of 43, she was selected by DHS; everyone in her academy class was half her age, but this gal had the heart, passion, desire, endurance, and perseverance to defeat all the odds. She superseded expectations and was nominated for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) President position, although she did not obtain the role, she was also nominated and elected for the Seminar Representative position in which she received a favorable commendation and recognition from the FLETC Director for "graciously serving as Liberty Island Seminar Representative for ISO Basic Training Class 604... and for highly distinguishing herself by providing exemplary leadership to the class." She has since received various professional recognitions and awards for her work as an ISO. In December 2016, Dr. Castillo received her most treasured recognition a Congratulatory Letter for the completion of her Doctoral degree from President Barack Obama, The White House. This is framed and mounted next to her UOP and Capella diploma’s in her home office. Dr. Castillo believes that UOP set the tone and instilled the time-management and perseverance to complete her academic journey and secure her dream profession. She conveys this to each and every Student and Alumni she meets, as she remains an active contributor and higher education advocate; promoting professional growth through mentor and academic programs at UOP. Last, Dr. Castillo served as the UOP Alumni Association, Los Angeles Chapter President for three years and is presently the Southern California Alumni Chapter President, a UOP Mentor, and a University of New Hampshire, College for America Reviewer. In addition, just recently she has been selected to present her research/ workshop at the UOP School of Advanced Studies 2017 Knowledge without Boundaries Academy in Phoenix, AZ. She prides herself in demonstrating strong communication, customer relation, and academic, and career advocacy skills, because of her innate dedication and advocacy for continued learning and professional growth.

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