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Gerald Whilton Olivas, Ed.D.

I have taught at several Universities as an adjunct professor such as Webster University, California State University, San Marcos, and University of Phoenix, where I currently serve as a Dissertation Chair for the School of Advanced Studies. Before becoming a Dissertation Chair for the School of Advanced Studies I taught database courses and severed as Database Area Chair for the College of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Phoenix. In addition to my teaching I own and operate my own information technology consulting business. My days look something like this: off to help various firms select and implement computer technology focusing mostly on system upgrading, e-commerce, and database systems then on to the classroom (including the virtual classroom) to discuss with my students what I did that day (and do some lecturing and testing, of course). While teaching on a part-time and intermittent basis, and running my own information technology consulting business, I managed to go back to school to obtain my Doctorate of Education in Computer Education from United States International University (now called Alliant International University) in San Diego. It was a great program because it allowed me to specialize in technology training which is a good deal of what I do with my consulting customers--I am educating customers on what computer (information) technology can do for them, then I roll up my sleeves and help them put it all in place and integrate it into their operations. Also, along the way I have published several articles, including my Doctoral Dissertation on computer training and cooperative learning and speak at conferences. I possess several California state teaching credentials and have been awarded for my educational successes on numerous occasions. In addition to my consulting work and teaching activities my wife keeps me pretty busy with her career. She is a famous (really) cookbook author and travels to all kinds of neat places, is on TV, and, I think, has a fun job. Her latest book is titled, Caramel. Actually, I know it's hard work writing cookbooks because I help. For example, I tasted all the caramel desserts for her latest book--someone had to do it. Also, my wife recently completed an M-Learning online video for on caramel (just go to and search Carole Bloom to see a short clip of what is covered in The Art of Caramel: Techniques and Treats. I helped with this too :).

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