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George Love

In higher education, there is nothing as important as quality instruction. I strongly believe in the value of standardization whenever possible, and I have proven that with the “right” systems, instructional quality increases (not to mention the corresponding decrease in inequalities) – all put in place to foster an academic environment based on fairness, equality, and academic rigor. Since having dedicated my career at the university-level – my biggest contributions in terms of creating best-in-class faculty ties back to my ability to bring people together. I think of it as “cross-pollination.” In my current role, I am accountable for managing faculty quality in an online environment (since 2001), primarily for the School of Business but also for the College of IS&T. High profile initiatives include: ✔Spearheading new programs that will allow us to gain improved operational transparency ✔Decreasing incidents of escalated student issues ✔Encouraging faculty academic research ✔Reframing instructional content in the undergraduate entry course and increasing the course’s quality In addition to planning and program implementation at the university, I am also a successful faculty member with approximately 15 years of experience teaching online courses. I teach a mix of undergraduate and graduate level courses in the School of Business.

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