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Gail Gessert, Ph.D.

In addition to other academic positions, I have taught more than seventy sections for the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix (UOP) across the past decade. I have developed interest in researching relevant education and social and academic perspective of K-12 learners. In November 2014 I’d been invited to speak for the 15th Annual Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference on the correlation of relevant skills taught compared to what is needed in the marketplace stemmed from the development of the EDUindex; finding at best we are at about a 50% proficiency rate in the U.S. Also, I’d researched and have pending the publication of the perception of crime of K-12 students to find that middle school students do not perceive crime as severe compared to their counter parts. I’ve just joined the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) on the UOP Research Hub site and hope to find colleagues with similar interests, as well as develop other research interests in order to publish with colleagues.

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