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Frank Czarny, PhD

A scholar-practitioner who focuses on human and organizational development in multicultural settings, I attended Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel, and studied the interaction between Muslims and Jews after the 1967 in the Middle East. I studied the interplay of art and Catholicism at a Loyola University extension in Rome, Florence, and Milan Italy one summer as a junior in high school. In college I focused on Social Psychology and Education. In college I spent time in Hardwar, Delhi, and New Delhi India by the Ganges River in the study of group behavior, spiritualism, and architecture. I have won awards around process improvement in development of expedite services for engineering of long distance telephone services. It was used as a national example for other telephone companies across the US. In addition, I have written methods and procedures for the wireless industry which have served as the infrastructure for cell phone services we know today. I was an internal consultant in the telecommunications industry designated to solve various workplace issues dealing with process improvements. I was a learning consultant charged to create learning plans for over 400 employees in a Seattle telecommunication call center. The learning consultant position involved creating Just-In-Time training for process gaps observed in the workplace. I have presented at Biruni University and Bezmialem University in Istanbul Turkey on instructional ethics to English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors. I privately tutor ESL in Paracuru, Brazil. I have presented to Multicultural student organizations on cross-cultural communication skills at Wittenberg University. I have also presented on How faculty can foster diversity at Clark State Community College. As a dissertation chair, I specialize in topics related to multicultural and diversity issues.

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