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My name is Erich Grubert and I am located in Des Moines, Iowa. After many starts and stops, countless redirects, and frustrating experiences I recently completed my doctoral studies through UoPHX SAS with the successful oral defense and acceptance of my dissertation on socialized misinformation and its impact on business. My dissertation is available in the UoPHX internal dissertation library and will be available in ProQuest in the next few months. Outside UoPHX, I am a Vice President, Business Risk & Control Officer for Global Delivery Activity Risk for Wells Fargo & Co. I also work as a Service & Engagement Guest Advocate at my local Target. Many people ask why and quite simply it allows me to interact with the community, and get my step count in as I am constantly moving versus sitting at my desk for my main job. I have also taught as an adjunct for William Penn University, Upper Iowa University, Axia College, and the University of Phoenix (online and on-ground). I also served as the Business Area Chair for the Des Moines Campus of the University of Phoenix. I am hoping to get back into teaching and sharing my experiences soon as I took time off to complete my doctoral studies.

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