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Emily Moye, PhD

Emily Moye (Skuban), PhD became interested in human behavior and early childhood during her first class in psychology as a freshman at Yale College. She went on to work prior to graduate school with two psychologists whose were conducting an epidemiological study of social-emotional development in early childhood. Prior to starting graduate school, she developed an interest in the trajectory of early behavior problems in young children, and understanding the prevalence of behavioral problems in preschool- and toddler-aged children. She obtained her doctoral degree in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she worked on a longitudinal study of the development of antisocial behavior in high-risk, low-income children, as well as two other related longitudinal studies. For her Master’s thesis, she focused on understanding the relationship of parent-toddler synchrony on children’s emotion regulation and maternal nurturance in a sample of high-risk, low-income toddlers. The results of her Master’s Thesis were published in Infant Behavior and Development. During graduate school, she developed a keen interest for methodological design and statistics, and took a number of elective courses on topics including Structural Equation Modeling, Advanced Regression, Trajectory Analysis, and Growth Curve Analysis. Her dissertation focused on the bidirectional relationship between language delays and externalizing problems, and the moderating influence of emotion regulation and maternal nurturance on this relationship. As part of her clinical training, she worked in a Community Mental Health Center to the south of Atlanta, Georgia, where she worked with the low-income, chronically mentally ill population, of all ages. Working with that population led to an interest in the mental health needs and disparities of low-income and minority populations. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Auburn University in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Working with the large, statewide relationship and marriage education implementation study, Dr. Moye’s interest in understanding the public health and epidemiology of mental health, risk behaviors in childhood and youth, and the role of prevention and education programs grew. Later while working as an Assistant Research Professor and Performance Measurement Manager at Auburn University in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies as part of the Healthy Marriage Initiative, Dr. Moye developed interest in the benefits of healthy relationships on family structure, as well as sexual risk-taking in adolescence. Dr. Moye has collaborated on a number of scholarly papers and presentations on her areas of interest, and enjoys brainstorming with colleagues on topics of research design. She is currently working with colleagues at the University of Phoenix on a project focused on the benefits of the Semantic Web in higher-education ELearning, a project that is headed by Dr. Armando Paladino in the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research.

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