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Elizabeth Johnston, Ed.D.

Elizabeth is the Associate Chair for the Center for Educational and Instructional Research (CEITR) and faculty member at the School for Advanced Studies (SAS) at University of Phoenix. Co-leader of Teaching and Learning with the Arts Research (TLAR) Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Diversity Research Labs (1 and 2). Qualitative researcher interested in online education, technology and the arts. Currently working on Arts based instructional and curricular strategies for working with virtual educational applications and the narratives of artists. The goal is to provide useful new knowledge for a wide audience of educators, policy makers, and researchers. Elizabeth has been teaching in Higher Education for 21 years and at University of Phoenix® for 14 years, including successfully chairing over 40 dissertations. Passionate about education, Elizabeth spent 25 years in K-12 education where she was a teacher, department chair, principal, and central office administrator. At the University of Phoenix, Elizabeth has worked as a member of the Global Council (serving the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) and the Academic Cabinet (serving the entire University). Elizabeth was an editor for the Media Symposium at the Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture for the years 2015-2016 and a peer reviewer for the Journal of Leadership Studies, Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture. Elizabeth earned a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Loyola, Chicago, and an MA and BA from Michigan State University in Fine Arts and Education. She earned a Type 75 certificate in Leadership (Superintendent's level) from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

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