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Elisabeth Weinbaum, Ph. D.

Dr. Elisabeth "Alfie" Weinbaum has served UOPX since 2005. She is a Certified Advanced Facilitator at the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) where she serves as online faculty, committee member, URM, and dissertation chair, as well as Research Project Manager (Augmented/Artificial Intelligence Research Lab/CEITR). She earned her BA (Psychology/Modern Languages) at Capital University, followed by her M.A. and PhD at The Ohio State University (OSU). She also trained in the MR/DD Psychology Program @ OSU/Nisonger Center (pre-/post-Doc). Professionally, Dr. Weinbaum participated in many assessment, intervention, and research programs worldwide (Israel and US). She also served as senior consultant for EVAL International (IFeuerstein Institute ATC) where she engaged in the training of qualified educators, parents, and community members in dynamic assessment of learning potential of children and young adults. Dr. Weinbaum served also as Director of Early Childhood Education for Independent Jewish Day Schools (CA), Director of Grant Program & Development for non-profit Human Service Agencies (OH), and she served in Departments of Psychology and Teacher Education (CA and WA) where she developed/taught numerous psychology courses. Education is her passion and her applied focus lies within the realm of effective mediation in 21st century technological delivery systems for education. Currently as Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) affiliate, Dr. Weinbaum is working on a study of 'Use of Augmented Reality Nursing Education: A Systematic Review' and she is assisting several former mentees in publishing their dissertation in peer-reviewed journals (Dissertation to Publication Workshop/CEITR).

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