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Edward Kisailus, PhD

My primary area of extracurricular interest is consulting for universities and colleges as they develop science curricula for new or renovated science buildings. Educationally my emphasis is on developing protocols and reagents for immunology and molecular biology experiments for biotechnology education companies. Research-wise I use MOOCs to develop and implement undergraduate courses in apoptosis, the microbiome, and in the near future, systems biology. At the graduate level I have developed and continue to work on courses in immunobiotechnology. Here in the Research Center I have an interest in studying the long- and near-term impact that an online human nutrition class I facilitate and its effects on the nearly 600 students taught in their maintaining healthy and nutritional diets. The study could inform about the ability of online nutrition classes to deliver appropriate material to sustain health and prevent or reduce diet-related disease like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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