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Diane Archer-Banks, PhD

Dr. Diane Archer-Banks is Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Educational Access Institute, Inc., (EAI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth leadership development and increased college access and success among low-income and historically underrepresented students. Prior to EAI, she served as the program coordinator and later interim director for a major university’s college access and success outreach program in the United States. In addition to her role at EAI, Dr. Archer-Banks serves as the lead faculty area chair, associate faculty, and dissertation chair for University of Phoenix. Dr. Archer-Banks has extensive knowledge and experience regarding K-12 and postsecondary education which she gained from serving as director of a major university’s college outreach program, adjunct college professor, K-12 school administrator, classroom teacher, and professional development coach in Jamaica and the United States. Over the past ten years, she has conducted numerous studies related to the role that the intersectionality of race, class, gender and culture has on students’ school experiences, parental involvement, and teacher practices; leadership development and culture; the impact of race, culture, and social class on postsecondary access, retention, and success. A published educational researcher and consultant with more than 30 years teaching and administrative experience in K-12 and higher education, she has presented nationally and internationally on topics related to the schooling experiences of Black females, postsecondary access and success among low-income and underserved students, leadership development, program development and evaluation, and Black parents involvement in their children’s schooling experiences. Dr. Archer-Banks earned a doctorate in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, Specialist degree in Educational Administration, and a bachelors’ degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida. She also holds a Masters’ degree in Social Studies Education from Nova Southeastern University.

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