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David Shroads, D.Sc., CEM

David Shroads began service as a University Research Methodologist (URM) in the School of Advanced Studies (now the College of Doctoral Studies) in early 2017; has been doctoral faculty (including residencies) since 2010, and has taught K-12 and from the associate to the doctoral-level in public, private, military, and government settings for more than two decades. His interest in CLAR is grounded in his post-secondary accreditation, program alignment, and assessment experience. A recent work, "Leadership in Assessment and Continual Curriculum Improvement in Undergraduate and Graduate Higher Education", co-authored with Dr. Rob Olding, is in peer review. Dr. S takes a non-traditional, applied approach to fulfill academic requirements for continued service to advance knowledge in his chosen field (post-secondary computing education). First, as a sitting member of the Computing Accreditation Commission and an accreditation team chair for the Accrediting Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), his role is to support and manage teams that evaluate post-secondary computing programs for compliance to internationally accepted academic standards, a role that requires he stay current both in the fields of computing and higher education. Second, David has worked extensively developing and updating international computing and communications standards working through the ACM, ANSI, IEC, IEEE, ISO, Open Group, and others. His decades of commitment to technical standards-making have helped inform the shape of computing and the Internet as we know them today. His current standards projects include a model to integrate content from online aggregators and registries support "Project Based Learning" at the post-secondary level and the “Actionable Data Book”, a project to leverage embedded technologies from the growing number of hand-held, mobile, and Internet-enabled devices to the benefit of education and training at all levels. Beyond his Fortune 500 management experience, Dr. Shroads co-chaired a corporate education committee that helped implement nationally acclaimed programs, brought academic researchers and industry experts together, and presented at national conferences. He has also filled multiple executive appointments to local, state, and regional quasi-governmental boards. David was an Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist who co-founded and grew his own national technology company and has advised U.S. Small Business Administration-backed companies engaged in high-risk growth. Born, raised, and educated in the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Shroads’ degree work is in largely traditional, on-ground programs. His Doctorate of Science is in Information Systems and Communications, his other degree work in Information Systems Management, Computer Science, Political Science, and Education. He also holds multiple technical, engineering management, federal and state emergency management credentials. David and his wife Lynne live on a barrier island off the Northeastern Florida coast.

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