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David Pardo, PhD

David Pardo’s Bio Since 2000 most of my research publications have focused on explaining solutions to unsolved religious historical problems, many of them using statistical techniques.. For example, I finished up and published on the Internet an article about the Dead Sea Scrolls, identifying exactly all the mysterious figures that have puzzled religious academics since the scrolls’ discovery in 1947. I also published an article on Mithraism. I have vowed that this was my last paper on religion specifically. I have gone back to Economics for a while because I feel there may be a way to navigate a politico-economic system to circumvent the inevitable (ie the deepening of the police state). I have had this idea for a few years, but, due to the necessity of earning a living, I have not had the time. It is probably too late—and I am a small voice. As of now, I see it as hopeless, so I am concluding my second paper on macroeconomics and returning to math, music and computers and work on language…. PS My hobbies include writing and publishing poetry and collecting Maltese stamps.

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