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David Mailloux, dmailloux

I have been facilitating since 2001 and most of this on-line. I will be your instructor for this course and understand that you are all advanced degree holders. I hope to challenge your minds and your thoughts and provoke you into some good discussions for this course. I have been in Police/Corrections for 41 years in July and have enjoyed a long career. My career started in 1976 and continued to the present. My tours have been with many of the disciplines afforded a police officer and have enjoyed them all. My favorite if I had to pick one was the training unit and the duties that I had training deputies in our agency for almost 12 years. I have also worked in the detective bureau and corrections as well. Im presently in corrections and have enjoyed my last few years on the job in corrections and retired in July. I recently took a job as the Assistant Director for our local Police Academy. I look forward to working with all of you and hope to learn more about each of you as this goes on. Goals Seek challenges and make a difference, Learn new things and grow as a person, Build a better life for my family, Be a role model for my kids/siblings so that they live better lives, Enjoy a comfortable life by gaining professional security, independence and freedom

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