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David Kopf, MBA

High-tech sales leader in a wide variety of roles: field sales, inside sales, channel sales. Have sold to the information technology departments of private sector and government. These products and services have been in security, software development, or internet tools. As a sales leader of 25+ years in Fortune 100 and start-ups, I have seen a wide variety of issues, approaches and methods. Sales leadership would benefit greatly from conduits to new knowledge presented in an applicable manner, which the scholar-practitioner-leader model emphasizes. My research is focused on specific discipline of sales, a remote selling (not face-to-face) function often called "Inside Sales." Though some research has been done on Call Centers or telemarketing, a studies on Inside Sales specializing in "enterprise selling" is negligible. I plan a correlation study on transformational and transactional leadership to leadership outcomes. I will use the venerable Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ). The study avoids correlation to sales productivity as previous studies have had difficulty finding a significant relationship. I've chosen this study to provide a foundation for future leadership research on enterprise inside sales, which I hope to have a hand in.

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