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Craig Martin, MBA, PhD

I spent 30 years in leadership and management positions in the global healthcare industry and later in the newspaper publishing field. Publishing duties included serving as a group president for 5 Arkansas newspapers and as publisher of an award-winning Bay area paper in Northern California. After teaching undergraduate business students for two years beginning in 2001, I returned to the academic arena to earn a PhD. in international business in 2006. I presently teach in Master’s programs at two Universities and in the Doctoral Programs at three Universities, including content courses, research courses and dissertation courses. I published in two business journals, one each in 2011, 2012, 2015 and most recently in 2017. The articles were based on earlier conducted research, one titled "Business-IT Strategic Alignment:A literature review," a second titled titled "Revising Mortgage Financing and Social security: A Financial Partnership," and the third titled "Systems Theory and Unintended Consequences of Government-Motivated Currency Wars." In 2017, I published/presented research titled, "Influences of Governmental Policies on Global Market Entrance Strategy." My current interests align with the research center on global business, specifically in areas of finance, marketing and strategy development and application.

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