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Constance Quigley, MBA

Academically, I am actively pursuing my applied doctorates in Organizational Leadership, in hopes of becoming a leading voice of future academics. I have achieved Delta Mu Delta and National Honors recognition. I strive for excellence in the classroom. Beyond traditional schooling I enjoy taking certificate courses in philanthropy and business online. I have been a proud Phoenix since 2010 completing my Associates in the Foundations of Business, Bachelor of Science in Global Management, and my Master of Business Administration. The primary objective of my studies is to explore the leadership that provides an open communication foundation and organizational paradigms based in the fusion of the natural and open systems thinking, which are articulated through exceeding the needs of every individual and shareholder as the paramount ethical belief to organizational success. I am deeply invested in leadership studies focused on inclusion for gender, culture, and generational cohorts. I am here to change the world, supporting inclusion in a global economy and developing a futuristic perspective of organizational operations that will enhance the human experience and solve injustices which require solutions for humanities advancement and unity.

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School of Advanced Studies