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Chizoba "Dr. Zee" Madueke, Ph.D.

Chizoba “Dr. Zee” Madueke, Ph.D. (Che-zo-bah Mah-due-eh-kay – phonetically of course) is an Associate Professor and Dissertation Chair/Advisor in the School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix and a Research, Management, Leadership and Organizational Behaviors, and Public Policy Administration consultant. As a researcher, Dr. Madueke’s work focused on management, leadership, social change, enhanced culture and gender initiatives. He currently teaches research methods, business, management, leadership and organizational behaviors, and public administration in doctoral and master’s degrees programs. Dr. Zee serves as dissertation/academic chair/advisor, and also serves as consultant to various research, management, leadership, private and public advisees. Dr. Madueke facilitates research method seminars in doctoral residencies. He has lectured for universities and colleges in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, specializing in doctoral, executive MBA and graduate level studies. Prior to returning to academia, he also worked for over 20 years in corporate leadership and management and on the board of, and as advisor to two non-profit organizations in both the states of Maryland and New Jersey. His research interests are in the areas of management, leadership and organizational behavior gender, culture and public policy. He is currently working on finding ways to give voices to gender and culturally marginalized females in Africa. Dr. Zee enjoys reading and learning about other cultures, and he appreciates it even better when he is able to travel and visit them.

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